Ignatian Leadership Programme

The JECSE Ignatian Leadership Programme is a formation programme aimed at those in leadership positions in Jesuit and Companion schools in Europe and the Near East.

This is a year-long growth and learning experience for a peer group of school leaders committed to promoting Ignatian ways of working. Discernment is the integrating and guiding principle of the whole programme.

Registration is open till January 20th 2024!

The number of places is limited!

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This programme is  designed to help Ignatian leaders facilitate Spirit-led change.

A committed peer group of European Ignatian school leaders will develop their skills, understanding, and awareness of styles of leadership together, in an environment of mutual growth, trust, challenge and faith.


  • To resource people currently leading Jesuit & Ignatian schools.
  • To offer not only theories, tools and knowledge, but also quality time away from the workplace, and a peer group in which to be inspired and refreshed.
  • To engage with specifically Ignatian perspectives on leadership.
  • To build on existing leadership skills, confidence and agility.

Programme Methodology

  • The process is experiential, with a careful balance between theoretical input and practical applications. Individual reflection, prayer and group work are core to the modules.
  • It is a deep engagement (as participants found on previous Ignatian Leadership Programmes: “This doesn’t feel like just another training course”).
  • Discernment is the key theme: exploring the practice of individual and shared Examens, discernment in common and fostering a discerning culture.
  • Connections are made between leadership theory, Jesuit education and the Spiritual Exercises and other Ignatian sources.
  • There is a movement from “I” to “we”- fostering a spirit led organization with others. It is a personal and a corporate journey in service of the mission and the school community.

Intended impact

That participants, on completing the programme, will be able to:

    • integrate Ignatian leadership and discernment practices into all aspects of their work.
    • cultivate Ignatian attitudes in themselves and their organizations: discernment, freedom, humility, consolation.
    • feel equipped and skilled to use a wide range of leadership tools and practices.
    • ‘lead together’: have a strong awareness of a common mission in Jesuit education in Europe. (The programme will be about growing a network of leaders who can draw on each other for ongoing support).
    • be change-makers and catalysts of Spirit-led change.

ILP 2024 Important Dates

20 January 2024 – Sending application forms to Education Delegates/ JECSE Director

November 2023 – January 2024 – Individual interviews with ILP Team members

February 2024 – Inauguration – online meeting

11-15 March 2024 – Module 1 (Rodizio, Portugal)

between modules activities and online meeting

14 – 18 October 2024 – Module 2

between modules activities and online meeting

March 2025 – Module 3

Programme flyer

Share information about our programme with others:

JECSE ILP 2024 Flyer

 The programme consists of three weekly training sessions organized in different locations:
        Module I. Called as a leader to lead others – 11 – 15 March 2023 (Rodizio, Portugal)
        Module II. Fostering a spirit-led organization – 14 – 18 October 2024
        Module III. Leading into unknown – March 2025

Sessions begin Monday evening and conclude after lunch on Friday.  Each session includes time for large group presentations, individual and group exercises, small group conversations and time for personal prayer and reflection. Before and between modules Introductory webinar and small group online sharing sessions are provided.

Participants are also given assignments to carry out in their school communities, allowing them to test the acquired skills in practice. All planned activities foster the building of a learning community centred on Jesuit leadership.


Paul Yperman

Paul Yperman

JECSE Ignatian Leadership Programme coordinator and trainer.  Former education delegate at the ELC and advisor to the Flemish Minister of Education in the Flemish Government. President of JECSE from 2004 to 2010.

Sandra Chaoul

Sandra Chaoul

Sandra is ICF Certified Leadership & Executive Coach, learning programs designer and facilitator, based in Beirut and working internationally. She enjoys integrating to her work reflective and collaborative practices.

Brian Flannery

Brian Flannery

Brian was Education Delegate for the Irish province and also served as Deputy Director of JECSE for a number of years.  He sees Ignatian leadership, in the best traditions of the Society, as being critical to the future of the schools and the creation of a more just world. 

Fr Bart van Emmerik SJ

Fr Bart van Emmerik SJ

Fr Bart is a Jesuit, working in spiritual accompaniment of both individuals and groups, facilitating them to connect more deeply with the spiritual dimension in living and working. Since 2020 he is working in the leadership of the Jesuits in the Netherlands and Flanders as an assistant of the Regional Superior.

Fr Lourenço Eiró SJ

Fr Lourenço Eiró SJ

Fr Lourenco is Portuguese Jesuit in charge of a youth centre and organising leadership training in his Province.
Fr Lourenzo has a great experience in education, he is a former Education Delegate and member of the JECSE Steering Committee.

The content and process have been designed to suit the needs of people leading Catholic schools in Europe and the Near East. As the programme will be run through English a certain proficiency in English is required.

The number of participants is limited to 30.

Participation requires nomination from a School Head and/or Education Delegate (in case of Jesuit& companion schools). Nominees then complete a short registration form.

To register please fill in the application form and send to director@jecse.org no later than January 20th 2023.

€1050 per module

Total cost: 3 modules x €1050 = € 3150 


It includes: tuition, room and board (accomodation in single rooms), and all materials.

Travel costs are additional.


Online webinar and meetings – free of charge.


Please note: schools receiving support from the Erasmus+ Programme may wish to consider including leadership training in their grant application.


Cancellation of participation in the programme after confirmation of participation and before the programme starts in March 2024: 250 Euro per module, 750 Euro if cancelling the entire programme.


Cancellation of participation in a Module:

– up to 2 months before the meeting date – 250 Euro

– up to 1 month before the meeting – 450 Euro

– up to 1 week before the meeting – 550 Euro

– less than one week before the meeting – 800 Euro

We believed that limited financial resources should not prevent anyone from having the possibility to learn and grow through participation in various forms of formation.

Therefore, if you are willing and able to cover the cost of training for a person with limited resources – write to us. Any support, even partial, will be greatly appreciated!

Your donation can help those who would be excluded without such help.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: director@jecse.org